We’re Open … and Sanitized

Dear Friends, Neighbors, Clients, and Advocates,

Thank you for your kind words of encouragement, expressions of support, and thoughts toward us as we’ve worked to determine best courses of action and practices during this pandemic.

We are classified as an essential business, per New York State guidelines regarding the executive order issued by Governor Cuomo. This confirmation has helped to settle our minds that the best thing we can do for our community is to stay open so we may continue to process incoming and outgoing mail and packages, storage, and other business services that are essential keep others’ lives and businesses functioning. Please bear in mind that the allowance for essential businesses to remain open is so that they may perform essential functions, but not to encourage non-essential foot traffic.

This is our commitment to you during the next few months as we navigate these waters together:

  • To remain open, normal hours, as long as we’re permitted … and as long as it seems both wise and safe for everyone.
  • To maintain a clean, sanitized store by frequently wiping down surfaces, handles, keypads, and all other oft-touched surfaces and items; to wash our hands relentlessly.
  • To stay socially distanced, saving up handshakes and hugs for a later time after the crisis has abated.
  • To accommodate you however you feel safe. If that means you’d rather pull up out front, call us, have us take a package out of your trunk, then finish the rest of the transaction over the phone, we’ll make it work. Just let us know what’s best for you. Local pickup service is also available if you’d rather not leave your home.

Our decision to remain open has been made based on the information currently available, and if conditions change we will remain flexible and adapt however is necessary. We recognize that every business must make this tough choice for themselves, and our full respect and support goes to those who have decided to temporarily close their retail locations.

Uncle Marty’s will be fine. We have a whole lot of local love on our side, an army of supportive, year-round Ithacan clients, and a rise-above attitude that has allowed us to thrive during challenging times in the past.

We are here for you, our friends and neighbors. And we are incredibly grateful for your support, advocacy, and collaboration … as always.

With care and gratitude,
Uncle Marty and Team

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