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Private Mailbox Rental

Why keep changing your address?

Rent a private mailbox at Uncle Marty’s and keep the same address for your entire tenure in Ithaca … and beyond. They’re also perfect for traveling academics in need of mail forwarding, home-based businesses, teams, clubs, charities, and more!

With a private mailbox at Uncle Marty’s, our street address becomes your address. We receive and securely sign for mail and packages from any carrier and keep them safe until it’s convenient for you to pick them up.

Come, join the neighborhood. It’s nice here.

Personal Size Private Mailbox: $10/month
1 individual | 1 key

Business Size Private Mailbox: $15/month
Up to 2 individuals + 1 business | 2 keys

Full-Service Virtual Mailbox: $15/month
Up to 2 individuals + 1 business | No key needed

$10 set-up fee
Six month initial term minimum
Up to 10 signature-required pieces per month included; $1 each additional
Spouses and minor children included; additional individuals $5/month


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We’re Open!

We’re open!

The snow has stopped, the streets are still a mess, but we’re here and back to business as usual.

See you soon!


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Another Snow Day

Uncle Marty’s will be closed on Wednesday, March 15th.

Never in our history have we closed for two days in a row due to winter weather. In fact, it has been a couple of years since we’ve had to close at all due to weather, but Stella has taken us by surprise.

Marty had 28+ inches at his home last night when he last measured, and there’s plenty of fresh snow again this morning. His home county is still under a travel ban and it’s expected to continue throughout the day. It looks like Tompkins County’s travel ban will be lifted soon, though a travel advisory will remain.

So with every school closed and officials in all directions telling us to stay off the roads today, we regrettably and with sincere apologies must follow wise advice and once again today trade in our tape guns for shovels.

We will do everything we can to catch up on everything tomorrow (Thursday). Thank you for understanding … and enjoy the snow!

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Snow Day

Well, folks, we’re calling it: Uncle Marty’s will be closed today (Tuesday, March 14th).

Just a few hours into this blizzard, with all of New York State under a state of emergency and 9+ inches of snow already piled up on Marty’s doorstep, it seems wise to hunker down and work from home today.

Enjoy the snow day, friends!

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Just in Case: Blizzard Contingency

We’re not sure what to expect from the impending storm. Some forecasts say 12-18 inches starting late tonight and continuing through Wednesday. The Weather Channel’s ominous headline reads, “Winter’s Worst Snowstorm Imminent,” and AccuWeather predicts 10-15 inches. Then, on the flip side, a local paper said “less than one inch.”

Just in case we do get slammed, we want to restate our Severe Weather Operations policy: The safety of our staff is our top priority. If severe weather hinders our commutes or conditions make it so that we can’t be open during regular business hours, we apologize and look forward to seeing you when the skies and roads clear. Updates will be posted at unclemartysoffice.com or tweeted @unclemartys.

Our carriers (DHL, FedEx, and USPS) are already gearing up for a doozie and expecting delays, canceled pickups, and postponed deliveries, and we feel there’s a good chance that opening Uncle Marty’s on Tuesday will be ill-advised. But we’ll keep checking and, when we see what conditions look like tomorrow morning, post an update either way.

Enjoy the snow, folks!


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Announcing Better FedEx Rates … Yet Again!


We love when we can share this news and are proud to have been able to do so a number of times now in our five and a half year tenure in Collegetown:

FedEx has completed our semi-annual volume review and, once again, has increased our discount! That means that, as we continue to grow, our rates will continue to decrease. Yes, decrease!

On April 3rd, our new pricing tier goes into effect with FedEx and we’ll pass the savings along to you, our loyal clients whose dedication has allowed us to grow, grow, and grow. The more you ship, the higher our FedEx tier goes, and the better our rates become! It’s a win-win!

So thank you, Ithaca, for your dedicated loyalty which is so truly and deeply appreciated. We love you!

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Collegetown: What to Expect in 2017


On Tuesday afternoon, the Collegetown Neighborhood Council (CNC) met at St. Luke’s on Oak Avenue in Collegetown.


The CNC is a group of Collegetown business owners, landlords, residents, and officials from the City of Ithaca and Cornell University. The purpose of its meetings are to share news about what’s going on on campus and in the neighborhood and to have an open discussion on how members of the community can collaborate and make the area shine.


The purpose of Tuesday’s meeting was to learn what to expect in 2017 as far as Collegetown development, City of Ithaca, and Cornell projects. As we all know, Collegetown has been a whirlwind of private development, NYSEG, and municipal utility projects these past two years, and there is much more to come!


The first presenter was David Cutter, Campus Landscape Architect for Cornell, who shared plans for the new Schwartz Center Plaza. The new, more porous design will include beautiful granite stones–some topped with wood to act as benches–interspersed with greenery in an open-concept multi-use space. There will be moveable tables so the area can serve as outdoor seating as well as performance and gathering space. The concept will complement the Schwartz Center with new greenery on the trellises, safety lighting, and small details that make the overall look quite stunning and appropriate for the neighborhood. The existing wall will be torn down this summer when the 10-11 week project starts after commencement, with anticipated completion before the fall semester starts. College Avenue, the sidewalk, and bus routes should not be affected by this project.


Up next to present was JoAnn Cornish, Director of Planning and Economic Development for the City of Ithaca, who presented an update on current, planned, and anticipated development in 2017 and the next few years. The largest development area seems to be between Linden and College Avenues, mostly demolition of older wood-framed structures and replacing them with modern, up-to-code, fire-safe structures … and that’s a big deal and a big goal for the City of Ithaca.


JoAnn reminded us that, at the end of the day, we will all be very happy with the results of all of this development, and she again shared her and the City’s concern over the impact all of this happening at once has had on the neighborhood, its residents, and its businesses. What’s happening in Collegetown is unprecedented, and most cities would do anything to see this much interest in development in their area; we’re living in a very exciting time of tremendous growth in Ithaca.


After JoAnn spoke and answered questions, a number of other City of Ithaca representatives shared the floor, including Ithaca Mayor Svante Myrick, Deputy Director of Economic Development Philly DeSarno, Superintendent of Public Works Mike Thorne, Director of Parking Frank Nagy, and the new Collegetown Construction Coordinator Lynne Yost.


Mayor Myrick acknowledged that much could have been done differently with current and recently completed projects, especially as they impacted local businesses, pedestrian, and vehicle access. He reiterated that he and his staff are committed to making improvements for projects this coming year, and that is shown in the creation of a brand new City of Ithaca Collegetown Construction Coordinator position, recently filled by Lynne Yost.


Mike Thorne answered a question as to why Dryden Road is still closed most of the time. There’s a lot to it, but a portion of it has to do with street and sidewalk permits, which the City of Ithaca just increased significantly. The new, higher rates will encourage contractors to get off of the streets as soon as possible and whenever possible.


Updates on what to expect regarding municipal and utility projects were also shared. NYSEG will be working on gas and electric lines underneath College Avenue this summer, on both the east and west sides between Dryden Road and Mitchell Street. They haven’t said yet which end they’ll start at, nor have they provided a start date, but Mike said he expects the work to start in June … though that could change. Water and sewer work will also have to happen on College Avenue, but that likely won’t be until 2019/2020 because the lines from Mitchell Street to The Commons have to be upgraded first to support College Avenue upgrades.


The Stewart Avenue bridge will be closed for about three months this summer. There’s work needed on it that can’t be postponed. Traffic will be detoured, which will mean increased traffic on the College Avenue bridge.


To wrap up the meeting, Michele Pothen, Chair of the City and Local Affairs Committee for Cornell’s Student Assembly, presented information on the Summer in Ithaca Fair, designed to connect students with opportunities in Ithaca to encourage them to spend summers here.  She also talked about the Homeplate Program which connects students with local families to give them some familiarity while they’re away from home … and maybe a home cooked meal now and then.


Copies of the handouts, including maps of anticipated development, details on new projects coming soon, and the new fee schedule for road and sidewalk permits, are available at Uncle Marty’s Shipping Office, 206A Dryden Road in Collegetown. 


When it’s all said and done, we have to remember that all of this development and related infrastructure improvement in Collegetown is going to lead to truly amazing, wonderful things for our area. The growing pains are difficult, and sometimes it’s difficult to see the tremendous potential through the overwhelming dust. But we are well on our way to becoming an urban destination once again–the hot ticket neighborhood in a hoppin’ city full of amazing people.


Our profound gratitude goes to everyone who presented and participated in Tuesday’s Collegetown Neighborhood Council meeting, with special thanks to the council’s organizers and to St. Luke’s for graciously hosting. Collegetown is full of great people, incredible small businesses, and unlimited potential; we encourage everyone to visit soon, have dinner at one of the delectable restaurants, get your hair done at one of the fabulous salons and barber shops, ship a package, buy a greeting card, grab a coffee, munch on a bagel, and see for yourself the progress happening on every corner.


#Collegetown #Ithaca #HereWeGrowAgain

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Announcing Private Mailbox Rentals


They’ve been a long time coming, and we’re so pleased that they’re finally here! For just $10 per month, our street address becomes your address. We’ll receive and securely sign for mail and packages from any carrier and keep them safe until it’s convenient for you to pick them up.

Why keep changing your address every semester? Rent a private mailbox at Uncle Marty’s and keep the same address for your entire tenure in Ithaca. They’re also perfect for travelling academics in need of mail forwarding, home-based businesses, clubs, organizations, charities, and much more!

Come, join the neighborhood. It’s nice here.


Personal Size Private Mailbox: $10/month (1 individual | 1 key)

Business Size Private Mailbox: $15/month (up to 2 individuals + 1 business | 2 keys)

Full Service Private Mailbox: $15/month (up to 2 individuals + 1 business | no key needed)


6 month minimum | $10 set-up fee | spouses and minor children included

up to 10 signature-required pieces per month included | $1 each additional


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Holiday & Winter Break Hours


It has been a very busy season at Uncle Marty’s, and we are so very grateful for our friends that have trusted us with their holiday shipments and end-of-semester storage needs. Now it’s time to take a breather and celebrate with our families and friends.

We will be closed Saturday through Monday of both Christmas and New Year’s weekends.

The carriers’ holiday schedules are as follows:

Saturday, 12/24 (Christmas Eve): DHL and USPS operating; FedEx Express modified service; FedEx Ground and FedEx Home Delivery closed

Sunday, 12/25 (Christmas Day): all carriers closed

Monday, 12/26 (Christmas Observed): all carriers closed

Saturday, 12/31 (New Year’s Eve): FedEx Home Delivery and USPS operating; FedEx Express modified service; DHL and FedEx Ground closed

Sunday, 1/1 (New Year’s Day): all carriers closed

Monday, 1/2 (New Year’s Observed): all carriers closed

Starting on December 27th, we’ll be on winter break hours for a few weeks: Monday through Friday, 10-5. We’ll resume our regular schedule on Wednesday, January 25th, when Cornell’s new semester begins.

From our hearts to yours, we wish you a merry Christmas, happy Hanukkah, and a happy new year. See you soon!

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Holiday Shipping / End-of-Semester

img_9432-2It’s December, which means the semester is ending, the holidays are approaching, and Uncle Marty’s is hopping!

We are Ithaca’s holiday shipping headquarters. With our 50+ box sizes and expert packaging service, we’ll make sure your gifts arrive to their destination safely and on time. We gift wrap, too!

And if you’re a student ready to move out for the semester break, remember our storage options are the simplest and most affordable around at just $10 per month for any container up to 50 pounds. Wowza!

We’re excited to see you soon!

#UncleMartysOffice #Collegetown #HolidayShippingHeadquarters #MerryChristmas

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