Move-Out Bundles

Bundle and save with Uncle Marty’s move-out packages! Included in each are the boxes, tape, packing materials, and extras you’ll need to pack up your dorm or apartment, or split the whole house bundle with friends. Local curbside delivery is included with each bundle!

If a bundle isn’t exactly what you need, we always sell all boxes and materials individually, a la carte, at our Collegetown shop. All of our boxes are sturdy and rated for shipping (not those flimsy, paper-thin “moving boxes” you may see in big box stores).

Order bundles before May 1st to reserve your Ithaca-area curbside delivery, which you may schedule for early May through mid-June.

Please note that, while Uncle Marty’s will normally return or exchange boxes and packing material that is in good shape with a receipt, move-out bundles are sold at a discounted bundled price, so unfortunately are not returnable. We hope any unused materials will be give to friends or brought back to us to find a good home for, rather than disposed of, to align with our mission to be more sustainable.

ItemsThe Dorm / StudioThe 1-BedroomThe 2-BedroomThe 3-BedroomThe Whole HouseThe Kitchen Addition
Small Box1x2x4x6x12x2x
Medium Box1x2x4x8x16x2x
Large Box2x4x5x8x26x2x
XL Box2x3x8x10x34x1x
Snap Blade1x1x1x2x
Tape Dispenser1x1x1x1x
Tape Gun1x2x
Extra Tape Roll1x1x1x4x
Packaging Material
Bubblepack – Small Bubbles12 sq. ft20 sq. ft30 sq. ft40 sq. ft100 sq. ft80 sq. ft
Bubblepack – Large Bubbles12 sq. ft20 sq. ft30 sq. ft40 sq. ft100 sq. ft20 sq. ft
Packing Paper10 sq. ft20 sq. ft30 sq. ft30 sq. ft100 sq. ft60 sq. ft
Foam Sheets40 sq. ft20 sq. ft
5″ Stretch Wrap Roll with Handle1x2x1x
Press-Seal Bags for Liquids10x10x20x20x30x20x
Water Bottle1x1x2x3x6x1x
Ithaca-Area Curbside DeliveryIncludedIncludedIncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded

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In cooperation with our trusted partners, we make it possible to leave your dorm or apartment in disarray, then and come back to all your items packed up and delivered to your new place next semester.

Our trusted partners are packing and cleaning entrepreneurs. These organization professionals will take care of the details of packing your living space into neat, tidy boxes and take care of the cleaning so you don’t have to worry.

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