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Marty has been packing and shipping things since 1991 when his parents, Cindy and Dub, opened their first independent shipping store in the Binghamton area. He worked with them off and on as they built the family business into a successful chain of three stores, for which Marty eventually served as General Manager, guiding their staff of over 30 team members. After nearly 20 years of serving their community, Marty’s parents sold the business and retired in 2009.

With an education in marketing, Marty has had a lot of experience outside of the packing and shipping business as well. He’s worked in many different fields, including athletics, fashion, event promotion, trade organization management, small business consulting, real estate staging, office products sales, and government bid development; he’s even spent time as a minister, a substitute teacher, and a 5th Avenue window dresser. By the time he was 30, he had been to 17 countries and 49 states, calling eight of them home at times.

In 2011, Marty decided to put down some long-term roots and opened Uncle Marty’s Shipping Office in Ithaca after purchasing the assets of a closing shipping store that had formerly occupied the space. Day by day and client by client, he built the business and team into what it is today, making it his mission to be a problem solver and community resource for Collegetown and the greater Ithaca area. For his first seven years in business, he commuted in his little Prius an hour each way, six days a week, from Endwell, New York, and in 2018 he moved to Ithaca full time to become as much a part of this community as possible.

In addition to being a small business owner, Marty is also a co-founder of the Collegetown Small Business Alliance and an active member of the Tompkins Chamber, working closely with his neighbors and local officials to find opportunities and solutions to local challenges and ensure their one-of-a-kind community remains exceptional.

Marty also volunteers as Director of Communication and Advisor to the Board for the national Association of Mail & Business Centers (AMBC), having previously served as the non-profit’s board chair. He remains the lead instructor for AMBC’s certified training courses in advanced packing and global shipping and has also taught his peers on subjects including marketing, branding, team development, retail store design and aesthetics, social media, and relationship building.

Marty has been honored to be a panelist and instructor at summits and industry events across the country for well over a decade, and both he and his business have been featured multiple times in industry publications like FedEx ShipSource® and MBC Today. In fact, after years as a contributing writer and columnist for MBC Today, he’s now the magazine’s editor and producer; his business advice column, Ask Uncle Marty™, is a favorite among readers. Marty counts it a true privilege to serve as a voice, leader, influencer, and mentor in his communities and the unique, ever-changing retail shipping and business center industry.

In 2012, Marty was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of non-Hodgkin lymphoma. Because of early detection, intense chemotherapy, a brilliant team of caregivers, a faithful army of family and friends, and the firm conviction that the experience had a purpose, by grace he survived and remains cancer-free to this day, his belief in silver linings affirmed with each new day and opportunity.

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Clark is a business genius with a big heart. His analysis skills and ability to think about things from new angles make quite an impact here!

Clark started at Uncle Marty’s in October of 2018 and has been an important part of the team ever since, working here off and on over the years while still finding time to graduate with highest honors from RIT in 2021 and land a coveted internship in 2021 in Copenhagen, Denmark. In August of 2022, Clark accepted a promotion to Manager, making him the first person to earn and rock that title in Uncle Marty’s history!

When there’s a special project that needs special attention, like finding a new box supplier or revamping our employee handbook and manual, Clark jumps to the task and works hard to get it done just right. He’s always thinking of new ways to do business, grow, and expand to meet the needs of our guests and clients.

While not at work, you might spot Clark at the gym, enjoying trivia night, or working as a waiter and bartender at Serendipity Catering.


Guest Service Director

After three of her children had worked at Uncle Marty’s for years, and her youngest, Callum, graduated high school, we finally convinced Julie to join our team in April of 2021. She has added so much to our group and quickly become a favorite among our guests and clients.

A graduate of Alfred University, Julie ambitiously homeschooled her four children, guiding them each into the incredible individuals and exemplary people they are today. She and her husband Linc have lived in Ithaca for over 20 years and are very involved in making our community a better place. With experience in a small town hardware business, Julie brings a whole lot of heart and a sharp eye for detail to our team. She cares tremendously about our visitors and goes out of her way to ensure everyone feels welcome and appreciated.


Guest Service Specialist

Elijah came on board at Uncle Marty’s in April of 2021, a fresh high school graduate with experience working in a library and a small grocery. His dedication, reliability, and heart are without compare.

Elijah is full of interesting information and daily brings our team amazing facts, stories, and tidbits that keep us entertained and enlightened. A twin, his family means everything to him, as does setting an example and being a good brother to his six younger siblings. He’s passionate about Marvel comics and movies, and has an amazing mind that can remember details and facts about them that most people would overlook.

While not at Uncle Marty’s, Elijah can often be found riding his bike, browsing at a comic store, or substituting in a classroom at a local private school.


Guest Service Specialist

Carter started at Uncle Marty’s in April of 2022 after his good friend Clark encouraged him to apply. With former management experience at a local game store and a family background in audio production, his skills and insight are second only to his outstanding client service demeanor and attitude.

Carter got through our Uncle Marty’s training program faster than anyone, and we often find ourselves impressed by how much he just “gets” without having to spend a lot of time researching or practicing. We’re very glad he’s joined our team and look forward to lots of business growth as a result of his input and hard work.

While not at Uncle Marty’s, Carter is often working on a gaming business he and some colleagues are in the process of getting off the ground, playing Dungeons and Dragons, or participating in or judging Magic the Gathering tournaments across the region.


Legacy Team Member

Callum is probably one of everyone’s favorite humans. His fix-it talents, brains, never-ending curiosity, and delightful demeanor add a whole lot of joy and warmth to the business.

Callum worked at Uncle Marty’s from April 2019 to May 2022 when he left for a summer as Maintenance Supervisor at Camp Lamoka and then off to study at Alfred University. He enjoys tinkering, beekeeping, woodworking, farming, and being an all-around great dude. While he’s currently not taking hours at Uncle Marty’s, he’ll always be an important and valued part of our team.


Legacy Team Member

Aleah has been an integral part of the Uncle Marty’s team since April of 2018. She worked with us through high school and early college, bringing on board behind her two brothers (Clark and Callum) and her mom (Julie). A jack of all trades and a solver of all problems, she is a friend and ally to our clients, always going out of her way to do everything she can to make sure everyone has the best experience possible.

In 2021, Aleah got an amazing internship that turned into a job in her true field of passion, environmental science, and is now studying at the University of Vermont. She has spent a lot of time working with the Community Science Institute, keeping an eye on the Cayuga Lake watershed to ensure our local water supply remains healthy. Though not seen much at Uncle Marty’s anymore, will always be a core O. G. member of our team and a dear friend to all.


Cindy & Dub
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Executive Momma | The Books Master

Marty’s parents, Cindy and Dub, were married in 1969 while Dub was serving as a communications officer in the U. S. Navy and Cindy was fresh graduate of Rutgers University. They have rarely been apart since and, even while raising three kids (Marty’s in the middle) and pursuing different careers, they’ve set a shining example of what it means to be true partners at home, in business, in faith, and in friendship.

The dynamic duo opened, grew, and operated three successful shipping stores in the Binghamton area from 1991 to 2008 when they sold their businesses. Knowing this industry very well, and well known in the industry among their peers, the pair shared their creativity and knowledge by creating a series of professional packaging technique courses that have become the industry standard and are still taught at regional and national training events to this day.

In 2018, Cindy and Dub sold their family home of 38 years in Endwell, New York, where Marty and his siblings spent most of their growing up years, and retired to lower, slower Delaware. Though not around the shop as much anymore, they remain trusted advisors and confidants of Marty and the entire team at Uncle Marty’s Shipping Office.

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