Uncle Marty’s Shipping Office offers easy and economical break and semester storage to Cornell University and Ithaca College students. We make the process as easy as possible with simple rates and a year-round established Collegetown location.

$10 per Item per Month

An item is considered to be any self-contained thing less than 50 pounds and of manageable size (able to be carried by one individual). Heavier and larger things count as two or three item units, depending on size and weight (51-100 pounds counts as two item units, 101+ pounds as three item units). Boxes, bins, suitcases, bikes, and small appliances are welcomed.

If you store for a full year, paid in advance, your 12th month is free!

$25 Local Pickup or Delivery

Pickups and deliveries are an add-on service for those who are unable to get their items to and from our store on their own. For more information on pickups and deliveries, please click here.

How It Works

Stop by Uncle Marty’s and make sure that you have the boxes and tape that you need to package up all of your stuff.

When you’re all packed and ready, bring your items into Uncle Marty’s during business hours. If you need your items picked up, we’ll make an appointment with you that’s convenient to everyone’s schedules. We’ll make sure that everything is taped securely, weighed, measured, and marked with a unique identifying label.

Enjoy your time away from Ithaca, knowing that your items are safe and secure in the care of Uncle Marty’s Shipping Office. When you’re ready to return to town, make arrangements with us at least a week in advance to either pick up your items at our store during business hours or have them delivered.

After you’re all unpacked and settled, please reuse or recycle your gently used (clean and dry) boxes and packing materials at Uncle Marty’s.

Packing Requirements & Tips

Mix things up. Don’t pack all of your heavy books and papers in one box while another box contains only pillows. Distribute weight evenly and use your soft items to cushion your not-so-soft items.

Wrap fragile (glass, electronic, ceramic, etc.) items well with cushioning and make sure they’re in the center of the box without heavy things on top of them. Insurance requires fragile items to have at least two inches of approved packing material surrounding all sides.

Use sturdy boxes, such as the ones we sell (not those flimsy “moving boxes” that are sold at the big box stores), and fill them completely. If you don’t have enough stuff, we’ll be happy to help you cut the box down before sealing it. This allows boxes to be stacked in our secure storage areas without them crushing or caving in.

Because items are stacked, please avoid protrusions like broom handles sticking out of the top of boxes. If you’re storing Swiffers and things, we’ll wrap them all together and they can be stored as a single item.

Please be extra careful in packing your items if they will be shipped at the end of the storage term. The automated shipping cycle is considerably rougher than our gentle storage process. Please inquire at Uncle Marty’s for information on how to package items for safe shipping.

Terms & Conditions for Storage

Liquids, candles and wax, currency, jewelry, plants, animals (dead or alive), weapons (and anything that fires a projectile), gasses and pressurized containers, and things that are considered perishable, hazardous, illegal, or potentially dangerous are strictly prohibited. Uncle Marty’s retains the right to open and inspect any item that we deem suspicious. If prohibited items are found, they will be disposed of and cleaning fees can be assessed. Any consequential damages, claims, and fines are the sole responsibility of the customer.

Storage terms must be prepaid, with payment required at the time items are given to Uncle Marty’s Shipping Office. Items not collected after 30 days of non-payment will be considered abandoned and consequently disposed of.

Every carton stored is covered for up to $100 against visible outer carton damage only. We are gentle, however can’t be responsible for, or knowledgeable of, the contents’ preexisting conditions or how they are packed. We have never had a claim. However, in the unfortunate event of such, the customer must retain all cartons and packing material in the condition that it was returned to them so an inspection can take place to determine whether the items were packed acceptably for normal handling. We base our packing requirements on the same industry standards that FedEx, DHL, and other commercial shipping companies use in their insurance requirements. Please review our packaging tips section to understand better how to package your items safely. Prohibited items, electronics, and handles and wheels on luggage and containers are always excluded from coverage.

Upon the beginning of the storage term, we will ask you to sign a disclaimer that you have read, understand, and agree to these terms and conditions and that nothing prohibited is contained in your items. Upon completion of your storage term, we will ask you to sign a disclaimer that there is either no visible damage to the outer cartons or that any visible damage is noted.

If items will be shipped at the end of the storage term, the customer acknowledges that additional shipping terms and conditions posted at Uncle Marty’s have also been read, understood, and agreed to.


I need to store my items for a little while, but I’m not coming back to Ithaca. Can you ship them at the end of the storage term? Absolutely! We do this all the time. In fact, about 30% of the items that we store eventually get shipped rather than picked up or delivered locally. We are, after all, primarily a shipping store. We’re happy to keep your items safe while you do your traveling and then ship them at the time you need to meet you at your new place in your new city. Please note that the shipping cycle is much rougher than Uncle Marty’s gentle storage process, and items must be packed safely up to standards prescribed by the shipping carriers to ensure coverage and safe delivery.

Where are my items being stored? Uncle Marty’s Shipping Office in Collegetown isn’t a ginormous store. We have limited room on site, so only select items are actually kept in the store. We do, however, have other secure storage areas that we transport your items to for the duration of your storage term. Our storage areas are former office and residential space, so they’re clean, dry, and generally temperature moderate. We do not store your items outdoors, in a storage unit, or in a garage. That would be shady; we don’t do shady.

You say you have a stellar track record. What do you mean? Well, we’ve never had an upset customer or claim as a result of our storage process. We strive to make things simple, easy to understand, straight forward, and provide friendly and professional service to the best of our abilities. Our satisfied customers with their glowing recommendations speak volumes!


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