Private Mailbox Rental

With a private mailbox (PMB) at Uncle Marty’s, we receive your mail and packages and keep them safe until you’re ready. Because of our unique street address and designation as a Commercial Mail Receiving Agency, we receive items for any carrier, including DHL, FedEx, UPS, USPS, Amazon, private couriers, and more!

Keep the same mailing address as long as you’d like, no matter how often you travel or move.

PMB Types & Features

We have three different PMB types to choose from:

  • Small Keyed PMBs: $20/month
  • Medium Keyed PMBs: $25/month
  • Keyless Full-Service PMBs: $20/month

Regardless of type or size, will have the following features and options:

  • Two names included; additional people, business, or organization names just $5/month each
  • 12th month free on full year, paid in advance
  • Unlimited packages securely received and signed for
  • Add PictaMail electronic mail service for $5/month to receive emailed digital images of incoming items

Getting Started

To get started, visit our store today, or email us to ask for the paperwork and instructions to be sent to you digitally. For remote rentals, one of the documents (USPS Form 1583) does require a notarization, however if you rent in person our team will verify the document and ID without a notary being required. Each individual who is listed on a PMB must produce two forms of ID, which we must share with our local Postmaster for approval before any mail is sent here.

Virtual Mailboxes

If you’d like a completely virtual mailbox instead, visit to sign up directly with our virtual mailbox partners.

Individual Package Receiving

Want a package delivered, but don’t want to rent a mailbox just yet? We do that too! More info at

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