Announcing Private Mailbox Rentals


They’ve been a long time coming, and we’re so pleased that they’re finally here! For just $10 per month, our street address becomes your address. We’ll receive and securely sign for mail and packages from any carrier and keep them safe until it’s convenient for you to pick them up.

Why keep changing your address every semester? Rent a private mailbox at Uncle Marty’s and keep the same address for your entire tenure in Ithaca. They’re also perfect for travelling academics in need of mail forwarding, home-based businesses, clubs, organizations, charities, and much more!

Come, join the neighborhood. It’s nice here.


Personal Size Private Mailbox: $10/month (1 individual | 1 key)

Business Size Private Mailbox: $15/month (up to 2 individuals + 1 business | 2 keys)

Full Service Private Mailbox: $15/month (up to 2 individuals + 1 business | no key needed)


6 month minimum | $10 set-up fee | spouses and minor children included

up to 10 signature-required pieces per month included | $1 each additional


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