BEAR Walk: Community Fair

The BEAR Walk: Community Fair is coming up on Tuesday, August 30th, from 6pm-8pm on the 400 block of College Avenue.

Last year’s fair was a huge success, and this year’s will be even better! Mayor Myrick will speak, along with SA president Jordan Berger. Exhibitors at the fair will include student groups, the Ithaca Fire Department, Tompkins County agencies, and City of Ithaca officials and agencies, including representatives from the parking department. There will be lots of food and excellent entertainment that will include various a capella groups from Cornell!

Marty has had the privilege of helping on the BEAR Walk committee, alongside students and staff of Cornell University, City of Ithaca officials, and other community members. We’ve worked hard to bring the best this year, to encourage local residents, students, faculty, staff, and local businesses to come together to meet, greet, network, share, learn, and grow together in this unique, diverse, fabulous neighborhood we call Collegetown!

See you there!

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