Uncle Marty’s is quickly becoming known as Collegetown’s best source for unique gifts and greeting cards and is Ithaca’s exclusive retailer of locally made Whimsies (candy arrangements and gift baskets by the Whimsie Company) as well as Ithaca’s best source for New York and United States souvenirs. But, did you know that Uncle Marty’s also has gift bags, gift wrap, and professional gift wrapping service? Just today, seven new sizes of gift boxes were added to the mix. You can walk in empty handed, find a great gift, add the perfect card, and have it all gift wrapped, packed, and shipped to anyone in the world! Now that’s one-stop shopping and shipping!

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  1. Great site, Uncle Marty! Very navigable and inviting. I like the friendliness of the tone…and that’s the way you are! Kudos…


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