Uncle Marty’s Shipping Office offers secure semester and break storage to Cornell University and Ithaca College students, or anyone else who may need something stored. Our flat rate pricing is easy to understand so there are no surprises.

Light items
(0-50 pounds, carriable by one person)
$15 per month
Heavy items
(50-100 pounds, carriable by one person)
$20 per month
Giant items
(100+ pounds, or so bulky that they require two or more people to carry)
$30 per month
Local curbside pickup or delivery
(Pickup includes all items that are packed and ready at a curbside loading area at the scheduled time. If items are not ready, additional pickup charges may apply. Pickups must be scheduled in advance; last minute or same day pickups may not be available.)
$25 per
15-minute appointment
Local inside pickup or delivery
(Available on a limited basis and only for light items on a ground floor or in a building with an elevator; not available for walk-up apartments or buildings with stairs)
$50 per
15-minute appointment

We sell over 50 sizes of boxes, so stop in and pick out whatever you need to get your stuff packed up. We encourage you to reuse boxes you might already have too, or store your stuff in plastic bins or suitcases.

You’re welcome to borrow a cart to make getting your stuff to us easier. We accept storage at our store any time during business hours, with no appointment needed.

If you’re not able to get your items to or from our store yourself, we offer local pickup and delivery service. Please schedule pickups and deliveries at least a few days in advance as last minute pickups or deliveries may not be possible during our busy times. If your items aren’t packed and ready at the time of your appointment, we may have to cancel and/or charge for extra appointment times if we have to wait.

When your storage term is up, give us a heads up a few days ahead of time so we can retrieve them from our storage facility and have them ready for you to pick up at our store (or schedule a local curbside delivery, if needed). If you’re not returning to Ithaca, we can always ship your storage items to you anywhere in the world.

More information:

  • “Items” are defined as any single thing that is self-contained and easily carried by one individual, such as a box, suitcase, bin, bike, mini-fridge, or chair. Fragile things (TVs, vacuums, etc.) must be packed securely in containers before being stored.
  • Please do not store liquids or any other prohibited items.
  • Storage terms are prepaid. After 30 days of non-payment, stored items will be considered abandoned and consequently disposed of.
  • Multiple boxes or things that are strapped together cannot be accepted as a single item. Please separate them and store them individually, or put them together inside a larger carton.
  • Pickups and deliveries must be scheduled in advance. For curbside service, please be ready at your scheduled time at a loading area to avoid pickup or delivery cancellation.
  • There is a one-month minimum storage term (meaning we must charge for at least one month, even if you’re just storing for a week or two).
  • Please defrost any mini-fridges in advance so they’re dry when entering storage.
  • Please read the storage section of our terms and conditions thoroughly.

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