Uncle Marty’s Shipping Office offers secure semester and break storage to Cornell University and Ithaca College students, or anyone else that may need something stored. Starting at just $10 per month for items 50 pounds or less, our flat rate pricing is easy to understand so there are no surprises. We even offer pickup and/or delivery service if needed!

Items 0-50 pounds$10 per month
Items 50-100 pounds
$20 per month
Giant items$30 per month
Local ground floor pickup or delivery$25 per trip
  • “Items” are defined as anything self-contained and easily carried by one individual like boxes, suitcases, bins, bikes, mini-fridges, or chairs
  • “Giant items” are defined as anything too large to be carried by one person like mattresses and futons and/or anything weighing over 100 pounds
  • There is a one-month minimum storage term (meaning we must charge for at least one month, even if you’re just storing for a week or two)
  • Receive your 12th month of storage free on a full year, paid in advance

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