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It may not seem like spring yet, but we hear–and hope–that it’s right around the corner.

Spring holiday greeting cards–St. Patrick’s Day, Passover, and Easter–are out and ready for your perusal.

We also want to thank all of our amazing customers who have stood by us as we’ve recovered from last week’s flood. We’re still waiting on some recovery work to be completed and some orders of new inventory to arrive, but we’re doing a mighty fine job of getting back into the groove. We very much appreciate all those who have helped, encouraged, and lent their support!



We are open!

Despite yesterday’s flooding o’ the store, we remain open and encourage you to come and visit.

Things will be a little discombobulated for a while, but service will not be disrupted while we clean, replace carpet, and restock.

We are pleased to report that all of our customers’ shipments were untouched by the water and no delays resulted.

Our customers are our first priority; the rest is just cosmetic.

See you soon!


We’ve been flooded!

This afternoon, a sprinkler pipe in a back hallway of our building burst and ankle-deep water soaked our store from the back door to the front.

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We’d like to thank the Ithaca Fire Department for their immediate response and assistance.

Please pardon our appearance over the next few days and weeks as we dry out, repair, replace, and get back on dry ground. We’ll soon be posting pictures of the progress at

Though disheveled, we’ll remain open.


Chinese New Year will be celebrated from February 18th through the 24th.

We suggest sending items to China via DHL or FedEx no later than February 11th to ensure delivery before the seven-day festivities limit service in the country.

Happy year of the goat!


Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and Uncle Marty’s is your box o’ chocolate shipping headquarters!

Come and browse our multiple lines of lovely Valentine’s Day greeting cards. You’ll be sure to find the perfect match for your perfect match!



Uncle Marty’s will be closed today, February 2, due to weather.

This storm is supposed to continue most of the day. We’ve tried our best to get to the shop, but have already been on the road for over an hour and haven’t made it very far. So we’re turning around and going home, making some cocoa, and calling it a snow day.

See you tomorrow!


2We’ve been working hard over winter break to get our store rearranged and improved, and it looks better than ever!

Our greeting card department has been expanded and recategorized to make finding the perfect card as easy as possible. Our other departments have also been redone to improve the shop’s flow. Our new paper center will be up and running soon with an exponentially larger selection of specialty papers for all of your special printing jobs!

We will resume our regular schedule (9-6 Monday-Friday | 10-3 Saturday) on Monday, January 19th. Because Monday is Martin Luther King Jr. Day, there will be no USPS pickup or delivery, however DHL and FedEx are running normally.

Stop in soon to see all of our improvements, or check out our album at!

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