Why trek all the way to the Post Office to drop off a letter or buy stamps? As a USPS Approved Postal Provider, we serve as an official mail collection point for the area.

We work closely with the Post Office to offer competitive, independent rates that are better than most other retail outlets around.

Our software makes USPS shipping easy, and we never make you fill out a shipping form!

Collegetown's Mailbox IconWe’ve been designated as “Collegetown’s Mailbox,” which is why you won’t find one of those big blue mailboxes on the street anywhere around here. So feel free to drop your mail off anytime at Uncle Marty’s to be included in our weekday afternoon pickup.

We sell stamps, too, and offer a plethora of designs to choose from. Whether you need global stamps, forever stamps, postcard stamps, or some other denomination, we’re confident that you’ll find our selection fun to peruse.

Come and see how convenient postal shipping can be at Uncle Marty’s!