The Kitchen Addition

The Kitchen Addition

Most of our bundles should accommodate a corresponding-size kitchen or kitchenette within the original bundle quantities, however if you feel like you have an extensive amount of kitchen items and want this add-on, or just you’re just packing up a kitchen on its own, check it out! (Includes tax) After your purchase, please schedule your bundle’s curbside delivery using the booking service below.


Interested in full-service packing, cleaning, storage, and shipping?

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In cooperation with our trusted partners, we make it possible to leave your dorm or apartment in disarray, then and come back to all your items packed up and delivered to your new place next semester.

Our trusted partners are packing and cleaning entrepreneurs. These organization professionals will take care of the details of packing your living space into neat, tidy boxes and take care of the cleaning so you don’t have to worry.

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