Shipping rates are calculated by a matrix of size, weight, destination, and value. At Uncle Marty’s, we compare services from DHL, FedEx, and USPS side by side to help you choose the best option for your needs and budget.

We are a FedEx Authorized ShipCenter, a DHL Authorized Shipping Center, and an official USPS Approved Postal Provider. We have some of the highest volume discounts with the commercial carriers, allowing us to offer retail rates that are very competitive.

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Items 0-50 pounds$10 per month
Items 50-100 pounds
$20 per month
Giant items$30 per month
Local curbside pickup or delivery$25 per trip
  • “Items” are defined as anything self-contained and easily carried by one individual, such as boxes, suitcases, bins, bikes, mini-fridges, or chairs.
  • “Giant items” are defined as anything too large to be carried by one person, such as mattresses and futons and/or anything weighing over 100 pounds.
  • Receive your 12th month of storage free on a full year, paid in advance.
  • There is a one-month minimum storage term (meaning we must charge for at least one month, even if you’re just storing for a week or two).
  • Pickups and deliveries should be scheduled in advance. Please be ready at your scheduled time at a ground floor loading area to avoid pickup or delivery cancellation. Inside pickups and deliveries are currently not available.
  • Please defrost any mini-fridges in advance so they’re dry when entering storage.

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Printing and Copying

Black and WhiteColor
8.5×119¢ per side29¢ per side
15¢ per side 59¢ per side
11×1719¢ per side89¢ per side
  • $1 minimum on prints of any volume from email or portable media
  • For large full service copy jobs, please add $30 per hour for labor
  • Per file in-house printing discounts: 10% off 100+ pages; 25% off 250+ pages
  • Document finishing services available (binding, laminating, cutting, folding, stapling, etc.)

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Private Mailboxes (PMBs)

Personal Size
1 individual | 1 key$10 per month
Business SizeUp to 2 individuals + 1 business | 2 keys$15 per month
Virtual PMBComing soon!$20 per month
  • $10 setup fee | 3 month minimum
  • 12th month free on a full year, paid in advance
  • Up to 10 packages or signature required pieces received per month included | $1 for each additional package received
  • Add additional individuals to any box for $5 per month

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