It’s what we do!

Here’s a peek at just some of the services we offer at Uncle Marty’s. Perhaps there’s something that we do that you didn’t know we do:

DHL | FedEx | USPS

Domestic & International Shipping

Certified Packing Experts

Private Mailbox Rental

Mail Forwarding

Package Receiving


Laminating | Binding

Copying | Scanning | Faxing

Notary Public

Office Supplies

Key Duplication

Passport Photos

Textbook Buyback

Stamps & Mail

Gift Wrapping

Unique Greeting Cards

50+ Box Sizes | Moving Supplies

Pickup Service | Cart Rental

$10/Month Secure Storage

Maybe you can find something new to try next time you’re in! We appreciate you!

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Closed Friday, March 2nd

Due to the winter storm, Uncle Marty’s will be closed on Friday, March 2nd. We hope to see you Saturday!

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Winter Storm Riley

Once again we find ourselves at the receiving end of warnings like “Destructive Nor’easter Taking Aim” and “Winter Storm Riley to ‘Bomb Out.'”

We’re not sure what tonight and tomorrow will bring, but it does sound like we’ll get quite a bit of snow. If conditions make it so we can’t safely commute in tomorrow, we’ll let you know with a fresh post on and a tweet @unclemartys.

Enjoy the snow!

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Presidents Day / February Break

Uncle Marty’s will be open normal hours on Presidents Day and over Cornell’s February break.

Presidents Day is a federal holiday, so there will be no USPS service on Monday, February 19th, however DHL and FedEx will be operating normally … and we’ll be open!

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Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is Wednesday!

We have a great selection of last minute cards and offer overnight and two-day shipping options so you can rest assured that your love gets some love on time.

For two-day shipping, be here by 4pm today as FedEx picks up at 4:30. Otherwise, we can still ship things overnight by 4:30 on Tuesday, for delivery on Valentine’s Day.

The clock is ticking, lovers, but we’re here to make sharing ❤ easier!


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Closed Saturday, February 10th

Uncle Marty’s will be closed on Saturday, February 10th, so we can attend a memorial service. We apologize for any inconvenience and hope to see you on Monday.

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Closed Wednesday, February 7th

Due to the winter storm, Uncle Marty’s will be closed Wednesday, February 7th.

Stay warm, stay safe, and we’ll hope to see you Thursday!

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A Storm’s Brewing

We’re hearing different things about what might happen with the weather tomorrow. Just in case we get hit hard and are not able to get to the store, here’s a reminder of our Severe Weather Operations Policy:

The safety of our staff is our top priority. If severe weather hinders our commutes or conditions make it so that we can’t be open during regular business hours, we apologize and look forward to seeing you when the skies and roads clear. Updates will be posted at or tweeted @unclemartys.

We’ll decide in the morning whether or not it makes sense to open tomorrow (Wednesday, February 7th). If we indeed must be closed, we’ll be sure to post notification here on our blog and also tweet about it.

Enjoy the snow!

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Welcome Back

Welcome back to Ithaca!

We’ve made a lot of improvements over winter break. You’ll notice our freshly redesigned front window and front door, streamlined retail area, and brand new stainless steel benches and stools to make your visit to Uncle Marty’s more comfortable, giving you more room to spread out, take your coat off, and spend some time here.

We’ve added some new services, including cart rental. That’s right, no more fighting with your neighbors to use that lone, sad, solitary cart that’s supposed to live in the lobby of your building. Instead, come to Uncle Marty’s and sign out one of our sturdy new carts and use it as long as you’d like … for just $10/hour!

Love is in the air and we’re ready for Valentine’s Day already, so once you get moved in be sure to stop down and find the perfect card for your honey. We have so, so many to choose from. ❤

If you’ve had items in storage over break, be sure to be in touch as soon as you know your plans so we can have your items ready for you to pick up at your convenience, or schedule a delivery if needed.

We’re glad you’re back! See you soon…

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Happy New Year

Thank you, Ithaca!

We smashed records in 2017 … our best year yet, by far! And, yes, we did that with our road closed for the first have of the year. How? Because of you, our friends and loyal clients; because you went out of your way to support us and advocate on our behalf to your friends and neighbors.

The Ithaca community has rallied behind Uncle Marty’s. We’re breaking records all the time now, growing fast, and getting to know more and more of our community members every day. We’re not looking for transactions, but rather for relationships: long-term clients for whom we always do our best.

It’s 2018 and we know it’s going to be amazing! We have long list of new solutions we hope to add this year, including digital mailboxes, cart rental, passport photos, and much more! We’re currently sourcing more warehouse space for our growing-strong storage services and will soon be doing another interior overhaul of our storefront in Collegetown to allow us to focus more solidly on what our clients need.

We’re closing out 2017 with gratitude and huge smiles; we’re looking forward to 2018 with hopeful, excited eyes!

#HappyNewYear #2018 #UncleMartys #Collegetown #Gratitude

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