Change for Change: Ithaca Murals

We are thrilled to announce Change for Change–a monthly donation program we’ve launched to benefit local organizations that make a positive difference in our community.

Especially now during the pandemic, many people are preferring not to receive change from cash sales. So, rather than getting those coins back, with your permission we’ll put them toward a good cause.

We’ve set up a touchless donation container on our counter where community members, guests, and clients can donate whatever amount they choose. Every penny counts! At the end of the month, we’ll tally it up and write a check for 100% of the money raised to the benefiting organization.

To kick off this program, we couldn’t think of a better recipient of October’s funds than our good friends at Ithaca Murals. The gift of art that they give to our city is tremendous, and the messages they enable their artists to express are important.

If you’re unable to come into our store to donate, we encourage you to still support Ithaca Murals at

#StrongerTogether #ChangeforChange #IthacaMurals #Community

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