The Ithaca Promise

Dear Clients, Guests, and Neighbors,

At Uncle Marty’s, we are supporters of and participants in the Ithaca Promise.

As an essential business that has continued operations since the beginning of the pandemic, we remain at your service and pledge to keep our space as sanitary, safe, and socially distanced as we are able to.

Here are a few of the many safety steps we have taken:

  • Pens are sanitized after every use to ensure clients and staff aren’t co-touching them
  • Our pay station, door handles, counters, staplers, keyboards, mice, and printer keypads are sanitized frequently
  • Our new, larger counter allows for ample space between clients so multiple guests can be waited on at once while remaining safely distanced from each other
  • Our team is always masked when a guest enters, and we require our guests to also wear masks in accordance with local and state regulation
  • Hand sanitizer is available in a permanent wall-mounted touch-free dispenser by the door so guests are able to sanitize upon entry and exit

We thank you for your help and collaboration as we all work together to keep our community as happy and healthy as possible.

Here’s the Ithaca Promise, which is also displayed in our store:

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