Subsidizing Shipments of Medical Supplies to China

Uncle Marty’s Shipping Office in Collegetown is subsidizing DHL and FedEx shipments of medical supplies to China in response to the outbreak of the Wuhan coronavirus.

Currently, Uncle Marty’s does not act as a donation drop-off station. Rather, this subsidy is specifically to help individuals who are answering the call of friends and family to send aid and have prepared individual shipments to send to their contacts in China. Uncle Marty’s recommends that supplies remain sealed in their factory packaging both to expedite the customs clearance process and prevent contamination.

Uncle Marty’s DHL and FedEx rates for international shipments are already less than those carriers’ published rates, and their 25% subsidy will apply on top of that, however the subsidy cannot apply to USPS services.

***** UPDATE January 30, 2020 UPDATE *****

We have received news that DHL has suspended service in Hubei Province through February 2nd. Officially an extension of the lunar new year holiday celebrations, the purpose is to help contain the outbreak. Service will resume only when the local authorities deem that it is safe.

Other areas of China have also announced extensions to holiday service suspensions through Sunday, February 9th, including ChongQing City, Fujian Province, Shanghai City, Guangdong Province, Jiangsu Province, and Zhejiang Province.

As we have been doing all week, we will continue to ship medical supplies via DHL and FedEx to anywhere in China. We trust that the carriers and authorities will do all they can to get these supplies to friends and family of our clients here who are doing everything they can to protect their loved ones.

Uncle Marty’s 25% subsidy on DHL and FedEx will remain in effect as long as necessary; we are encouraged to see so many of our local friends taking the time and expense to ship supplies abroad, and hope that this cost sharing subsidy will help in that expense.

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