BEAR Walk 2019

Please join us at the BEAR Walk Community Fair, Thursday September 5th, from 6-7:30pm at the Schwartz Center Plaza on the 400 block of College Avenue. ( )

This resource fair will have tables set up for many local non-profits, including many health and safety organizations, to promote responsible, engaged living in the Collegetown and Belle Sherman neighborhoods. We’ll have visits there from Touchdown, Cornell University’s favorite furry mascot, our local Common Council representative(s), and other Cornell and City of Ithaca officials. We’ll hear from some of them, along with a little word from our own Uncle Marty, as Co-Founder of the Collegetown Small Business Alliance.

In preparation for this fair, our team from Uncle Marty’s was honored to walk in another year’s successful BEAR Walk Door-to-Door on August 27th, during which nine teams of Cornell students, staff, police, local residents and business people walked together to distribute flyers to homes and apartments in the Collegetown and Belle Sherman neighborhoods. The flyers include information on how to be a good neighbor, stay engaged, and behave responsibly so that we can make our unique, diverse neighborhoods the best they can be!

We hope you’ll be able to join us on Thursday the 5th at the community fair!

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