FedEx Rates Just Got Lower


Whaaat? Lower!?

Yes, lower!

Here’s the skinny: FedEx recently announced a change in the way they calculate dimensional weight. (Dimensional weight is the minimum chargeable weight of a shipment based on the size of the container.)

For the past few years, they’ve used the following formula to calculate dimensional weight for both ground and air shipments: LxWxH/139. But now they’ve increased the divisor for shipments via FedEx Ground and FedEx Home Delivery to 166, and elementary math tells us that a higher divisor yields a lower quotient!

For example, a 20x20x20 box used to have a 58 pound dimensional weight (20x20x20/139) regardless of whether it was going air or ground, but now, with the new formula, it has a 49 pound dimensional weight (20x20x20/166) when going ground!

If this all confuses you, don’t worry one bit. That’s why we’re here. Our slogan is #WeMakeItEasy and we stand by it. Just bring your stuff in and let us figure out all of the measurements, formulas, and labeling. We’ll compare ground, air, and other carrier options all in one screen so you can choose the best option for your needs and budget.

We just wanted to share the good news. Officially, FedEx rates have not changed, but with this change to the back-end formula, the way ground shipments are rated will make what you pay a little bit less … and that’s really cool!

See you soon!

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