Summer Storage Season

Marty and Ingrid at one of our three storage areas

Summer storage season is in full swing! We’ve broken records again this year and are so grateful to you for trusting us with your precious items.

Many of you have already received your items back, whether you arranged to pick them up at our shop, we delivered them locally, or we shipped them to you in your new home city. But most of you are still enjoying your summer away from Ithaca and plan to get your items back later this month or next.

When you’re ready, please let us know ahead of time what your plans are. If we haven’t heard from you by your storage expiration time, we’ll reach out to touch base. Planning ahead allows things to run as smoothly as possible, especially during the busy move-in weeks at the end of August.

We appreciate your business, your trust, and your loyalty year after year. See you soon!

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