We are your end-of-semester move-out headquarters!



We stock over 50 sizes of boxes all year long, but in May we feature giant stacks of four special move-out sizes:
Small (18x12x12, $2.99)
Medium (18x18x18, $4.99)
Large (24x18x18, $6.99)
Extra Large (28x18x18 or 22x22x18, double weight cardboard, $9.99)

We sell tons of boxes this time of year. Why? Because our prices are excellent and our boxes are sturdy and strong — shipping boxes, not those flimsy “moving” boxes that you might see other places. And, if you’re buying a whole bunch, we can talk about quantity discounts!



As a FedEx Authorized ShipCenter, a DHL Authorized Shipping Center, and a USPS Approved Postal Provider, we compare rates and services cross-carrier all in one screen to help you find the best service for your needs and budget.

Most students moving out of Ithaca this time of year just need basic ground shipping for their large boxes full of clothes, shoes, books, and household goods … and do a lot of that! We also have express options for things in a hurry, excellent rates (less than online published rates) on DHL and FedEx international services, and USPS Media Mail options as very cost effective way to ship your books.

We’ll compare everything so you can choose what you’d like.


Most people don’t believe it when we tell them our storage rates are just $10/month for items up to 50 pounds. But, it’s true! Any item (suitcase, box, bin, mini fridge, etc.) that weights 50 pounds or less is just $10/month! If it’s heavier than 50 pounds, then it’s just $20/month.

Our storage area is former office and retail space — clean, dry, and temperature moderate. Uncle Marty’s has been a trusted part of Ithaca’s community for nearly seven years, so you know who has your stuff and that it’s being kept safe while you’re away on break or a semester abroad.

For those unable to get their items to our store, pickup service is available for just $25 for everything you have ready on a ground floor loading area. Please schedule your pickups at least a few days in advance to ensure a spot on our pickup schedule.


We hope to see you soon!


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