Big Changes ‘Round Here


If you’ve been to Uncle Marty’s in the last few days, you’ve notice that we’ve been busy making some big changes!

Over spring break, we hauled around all of our counters and fixtures to rearrange our layout … again. (We tend to do this every year or two. You know, to keep things fresh.) With our new configuration, we’ve added 11 feet to our front service area!

In that new space, we’ve put in a two-stool stainless client workstation and print center, and opened up the very front of the store to allow our private mailbox holders wider access to their mailboxes. Our stainless bench is now front and center, allowing for more seating and doubling as a great place for you to stage your stuff as you bring it into the store to ship.

This new space will also give us much more room this year to fill up with boxes to sell and then outgoing shipments during the busy May move-out season, which we know will be our best season yet … and we’re doing everything we can to gear up for it!

In your last visit or two here, you’ve also likely meet either Gina or Eoghan, our two new team members. We’re so pleased that they’ve joined the Uncle Marty’s family. They’re both still getting their feet wet, but we hope to formally introduce them to you soon!

Here’s to moving forward!

30264265_1701363313264274_2386188404074217472_n    30226540_1701363359930936_5870930134231416832_n

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