Happy New Year

Thank you, Ithaca!

We smashed records in 2017 … our best year yet, by far! And, yes, we did that with our road closed for the first have of the year. How? Because of you, our friends and loyal clients; because you went out of your way to support us and advocate on our behalf to your friends and neighbors.

The Ithaca community has rallied behind Uncle Marty’s. We’re breaking records all the time now, growing fast, and getting to know more and more of our community members every day. We’re not looking for transactions, but rather for relationships: long-term clients for whom we always do our best.

It’s 2018 and we know it’s going to be amazing! We have long list of new solutions we hope to add this year, including digital mailboxes, cart rental, passport photos, and much more! We’re currently sourcing more warehouse space for our growing-strong storage services and will soon be doing another interior overhaul of our storefront in Collegetown to allow us to focus more solidly on what our clients need.

We’re closing out 2017 with gratitude and huge smiles; we’re looking forward to 2018 with hopeful, excited eyes!

#HappyNewYear #2018 #UncleMartys #Collegetown #Gratitude

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