Letters to Santa

Santa Letters

Again this year, Uncle Marty’s has been hand selected by NPE (North Pole Express) as Ithaca’s premier drop-off point for letters to Santa.

There are many ways to get Santa letters. However, North Pole Express maintains an unprecedented 99.8% on-time delivery score along with their signature Peppermint Promise letter drop-off confirmation.

We are proud to contract with North Pole Express again this year. The selection process is grueling, full of intense elfin interviews, detailed background checks, and spirited carol singing competitions. But, as we have for the past few years, we were able to again claim our spot as Ithaca’s exclusive NPE partner.

So, parents and guardians, bring your little buddies to Uncle Marty’s with their letters ready to send and addressed simply to “Santa, North Pole” and we’ll do the rest. Or, hang out for a few minutes and compose your letter here; we’ll provide the paper, pens, and envelope.

See you soon!

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