Welcome Back!

Welcome to Ithaca, new students! And welcome back to Ithaca, returning students!

If you have items in storage with us and would like to pick them up or have them delivered, please get in touch with us as soon as possible to make arrangements. We do everything we can to accommodate at move-in time, however those who make arrangements in advance receive priority on our delivery schedules.

You’ll notice a lot of changes around here. Collegetown’s landscape is changing, working toward a bright future with lots of new development. The new Dryden Road Johnson School building across the street from us is now open (and nearly completed)! That means that our road, too, is open more often than not now … MUCH to our delight!

On Monday, August 21st, we’ll resume our regular hours (9-6 Monday-Friday; 10-3 Saturday). We’ve had a wonderful summer and now we’re looking forward to a wonderful semester!

See you soon. 😉

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