Boxes | Shipping | Storage


Uncle Marty’s is your end-of-semester headquarters for boxes, shipping, and storage.

All of our boxes are shipping boxes, so they’re much stronger than those weaker “moving” boxes you might see at the big box stores. And our prices are great! We’ve just had five pallets of crisp, new boxes freshly delivered … so come check out our box mountain and get what you need for May move-outs.

Our storage rates are unbeatable at just $10 per item per month. (An item is a box, bin, suitcase, or any self-contained unit up to 50 pounds.) We keep our rates simple so you’re not surprised by per-pound pricing and added fees. And because we’re a shipping store, we can send your storage items anywhere you want whenever you need them! Pickup and delivery service is available, with full details here. We’re here year-round in Collegetown, so you know where your stuff is and can have full confidence that it’s well cared for.

We’re here Monday through Saturday, and will be open Cornell Graduation Day and Memorial Day.

See you soon!



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