Another Snow Day

Uncle Marty’s will be closed on Wednesday, March 15th.

Never in our history have we closed for two days in a row due to winter weather. In fact, it has been a couple of years since we’ve had to close at all due to weather, but Stella has taken us by surprise.

Marty had 28+ inches at his home last night when he last measured, and there’s plenty of fresh snow again this morning. His home county is still under a travel ban and it’s expected to continue throughout the day. It looks like Tompkins County’s travel ban will be lifted soon, though a travel advisory will remain.

So with every school closed and officials in all directions telling us to stay off the roads today, we regrettably and with sincere apologies must follow wise advice and once again today trade in our tape guns for shovels.

We will do everything we can to catch up on everything tomorrow (Thursday). Thank you for understanding … and enjoy the snow!

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