Postage Has Gone Down!

Stock Index Down

You didn’t misread that title. Postage has indeed gone down! Here’s the skinny:

The Postal Regulatory Commission authorized an emergency exigent postage increase of 4.3% in January of 2014. But that increase was temporary and, as of tomorrow, April 10th, it will expire and postage will consequently be reduced back by 4.3% on what’s considered “market dominant” mail (mainly First Class letters, postcards, flats, and packages).

Therefore, we’ve reduced our retail postage rates in accordance! Stamp prices are now two cents less for Forever stamps and five cents less for Global stamps, and many other USPS products and services–especially First Class Mail–have been reduced as well.

Just to put in perspective how epic this postage decrease is, this is the first time in 97 years that the price of a stamp has gone down. That’s pretty awesome!

See you soon!

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