DHL & FedEx Operations in Brussels

We are deeply saddened by the horrific attacks yesterday in Belgium. Both DHL and FedEx have published updates regarding their service in Brussels. We anticipate that these delays and disruptions will be very temporary, and trust that the carriers are doing everything they can to get shipments delivered as soon as possible. We’ll continue to update this post as updates are received.

3/23/16: From DHL:

Status Update: DHL Operations in Brussels

As a result of today’s terror attacks in Brussels, there are a number of ongoing security operations in the city and airport. DHL Express and DHL Parcel have temporarily suspended delivery and pick-up services in the city center and we have strengthened security measures at facilities, including our hub at Zaventem Airport. All flights to/from Brussels are currently suspended, and we are therefore reviewing contingency options for shipments currently scheduled in transit to Brussels to ensure that they can be re-routed and that disruption for customers is minimized. Please note that delays on shipments to/from Brussels are likely. Services to other locations in Belgium are being maintained. We will provide further updates once they become available.

3/23/16: From FedEx:

Events in Brussels

Our thoughts are with those who have been affected by the terrible incidents in Brussels on the morning of March 22.

FedEx is complying with security measures that have been put in place by authorities.  The safety of our team members remains our highest priority.

Operations and deliveries in the Brussels area and near the airport may experience some disruptions due to government security measures, but FedEx expects minimal impact to our operations across the region.  We will continue to monitor the situation and provide the best service possible under the circumstances.

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