We’re a Certified Gold Store

CertStkr (1)

Uncle Marty’s Shipping Office is now an Association of Mail & Business Centers (AMBC) Business of Excellence Certified Gold Store!

The AMBC Certified Store Program is an initiative to recognize the very best independent shipping and business centers in the country, and Uncle Marty’s is incredibly proud to be among the very first recipients of this prestigious recognition.

To become a Certified Gold Store, the owner must hold a Master of Retail Shipping Management Degree (which Marty does), have excellent history and experience in the industry (Marty’s been involved for 25, with his own store for five), regularly attend industry conventions and events (Marty not only always attends, but also mentors, teaches, and presents), have had a certain number of hours training in packing, shipping, and store operations (Marty is not only well trained, but also serves as a national trainer for the Retail Shipping Institute), and all staff must be sufficiently trained and certified as well.

In addition to the owner’s qualifications, standards to become a Certified Gold Store are also extremely high for the business itself. We must consistently be in excellent standing with all vendors and shipping carriers (FedEx, DHL, USPS, etc.), meet strict carrier requirements for store quality, reputation, and presentation, pass annual store reviews with a minimum score of 90% (which we, of course, exceed), maintain a fabulous website and social media presence, consistently receive positive reviews from customers (with our gratitude for our customers’ overwhelmingly awesome feedback, allowing us to grow), and much, much more.

Being one of the first Certified Gold Stores in the country is kind of a big deal. We are honored, humbled, and energized to only get better and better. Here’s to a job well done, and to a bright future serving our beautiful community!

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