The 2nd Annual BEAR Walk (Being Engaged and Responsible) and Info Fair will be held Tuesday, September 1st.

FYkQ7DGYThis event, sponsored by Cornell’s Student and Campus Life, University Relations, and the City of Ithaca, consists of teams of students, staff, community members, and City officials traveling assigned routes to distribute an informational door tag in Collegetown and lower Belle Sherman, where a mix of student and permanent residents live. The door tag will invite residents to attend the info fair and provide tips on being good neighbors and how to build community.

This year, we’re combining the BEAR Walk with a health and safety info fair on the 400 block of College Avenue, and it promises to be a very fun, engaging event for Collegetown! The fair will showcase booths from many health and safety organizations and host guest speakers including Ithaca Mayor Svante Myrick, Cornell University President Beth Garrett, and Student Assembly President Juliana Batista. There will be a capella vocal performances, an appearance by the Big Red Bear, and fanfare from the Big Red Band.

The overarching goal of the BEAR Walk and the Info Fair is to unite students, Ithaca City Officials and Cornell University leadership to promote a greater sense of community and connection, and to proactively build positive relationships between Cornell students, Collegetown residents, and Cornell University.

Marty’s had the privilege of participating in the BEAR Walk committee this past year, planning, coordinating, and preparing for this wonderful event. So we very much hope you’ll join us on Tuesday!

For more information, please see this article in the Cornell Chronicle.

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