Marty has just returned from the AMBC (Association of Mail & Business Centers) annual convention and expo in Los Angeles, full of ideas, inspiration, and new training.

As a member of the AMBC Board of Directors, Marty met with national representatives from DHL, FedEx, UPS, and the USPS.  He spoke with innumerable vendors to find products and services that add value to our customers.  He taught two RSi (Retail Shipping Institute) packing courses, training store owners from all over the country how to package items safely and professionally.  He participated in a number of group discussions, and was even chosen as one of the top five stores in the country to lead a marketing panel.  To top it all off, Marty put on some skits with the AMBC Players, and acted as game show host and red carpet personality for the industry’s largest trade show (pictures coming to facebook.com/unclemartys soon).  Oh, it was a great time!

So, now Marty’s back in Ithaca, recharged and ready to take Uncle Marty’s Shipping Office to a whole new level of excellence.  Stay tuned!


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