Our Collegetown Small Business Alliance (CSBA) is getting some more great media attention!  We were featured tonight at 7 in a very well done news piece on ICTV and will be on again at 10, so check it out!  ICTV is on channel 16, or stream live at http://ictv.org/live/.  Thank you, fabulous ICTV crew, for taking such time and attention with this story. 

The CSBA is in its budding stages, with founding members Annie (Hai Hong and Vietnam Restaurants), Natalie (Natalia’s Boutique), and Marty (Uncle Marty’s Shipping Office).  The positive response from our neighbors, fellow Collegetown businesses, nearby schools, city officials, and the greater Ithaca community has been overwhelming and we can’t wait to roll out the alliance further.  We have big plans … all for good!

Tune in, and stay tuned!

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