To the Graduates:

It’s time to say farewell to you, the class of 2013, as you finish your time here as students.  We hope it’s not “goodbye,” but rather “so long for now.” 

You’ve stood by us as we’ve grown from a little shipping store into one of Collegetown’s favorite destinations.  We’ve printed and bound your theses and senior projects, proofed your resumes, and stored your stuff while you’ve been away on break.  We’ve helped you pick out the perfect greeting cards for your peeps and loved it when you brought them in to meet us.  Now we’re busy shipping your collections all over the world as you leave Ithaca for parts known and unknown. 

You’ve recommended us to your friends and written beautiful reviews online.  You’ve invited us to visit you in South Africa, Hong Kong, Australia, and Singapore, and we hope to have the opportunity to do such someday.  Until then, we hope you’ll continue to follow us on Facebook and, just as other alumni do when they’re back in town, stop back in to see us the next time you visit your alma mater.

We thank you; we’ll miss you.  It has been our great pleasure getting to know you and we can’t wait to hear about the exciting adventures your futures hold. 


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