Nothing interrupts a Tuesday and makes Marty jump quite like a random squirrel falling out of the ceiling, bouncing on a roll of bubble pack, landing on some boxes, and then running through the back of the store!

After making its dramatic entrance, our visitor decided to explore our back storage shelves, knock a bunch of unused display baskets and bins over, and then chill for a while underneath some others.   With help from our great POPSHOP neighbor, we tried to coax our squirrely little friend out from behind the baskets with some granola bars (it’s a good thing we sell granola bars), but the little fur ball didn’t seem too interested.  After a while, the squirrel ventured off of the shelves, onto some bags of stryofoam peanuts, onto more rolls of bubble pack, moseyed on up to check out the front of the store, saw the open front door (propped open on purpose to invite the squirrel to exit), and went outside (with the door shutting quickly and solidly behind).  PHEW!

Between running for our lives, screaming, panicking, and acting utterly irrational (to be fair, the running, screaming, and panicking was exclusively done by Marty), we did manage to snap a couple of pics on our phones.  Of course, they’re posted at facebook.com/unclemartys!

This seems like it’s going to be an annual event.  If you recall, from the archives, we had a similar visit last year (unclemartysoffice.com/2011/10/19/squirrel/ and unclemartysoffice.com/2011/10/19/squirrel-revisited/).

Happy October!

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