Due to construction in other parts of Ithaca, traffic has been detoured through our portion of Dryden Road and, consequently, the parking meters have been closed off on our block.  Uncle Marty’s and other affected neighboring businesses are trying hard to have the planning board reopen at least one side of the street’s meters.  However, until the meters become available again, our customers need to seek parking on the side streets or in the parking garage on the block down the hill.  If you have a shipment that’s too cumbersome to carry by yourself from the alternate parking areas, please call us at 607.275.3711 and we’ll be more than happy to bring a cart to your vehicle and assist.

6/22 UPDATE: We now have parking meters! Our sincere gratitude is expressed to the city’s engineering department for reopening one side of our block’s parking meters so that our customers can have more convenient access to all of the venues in our portion of Collegetown. Just one more reason that Ithaca is an amazing city that has proven once more that it truly values its small businesses!

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